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So oder so. Step by step. Cut.

A short film for speedy assembly. With a guaranteed happy end.

Run film!

berge...your personal favourite

The online holiday portal rated the top 10 most popular houses, apartments and hotels for 2014. The result can only be described as berge friendly: Our guesthouse managed to make the top four of the most popular hotels/B&Bs. Thank you to all our berge friends!


And the winner is …

We were delighted to receive numerous entries for the Buchheimer competition. It was no easy job for the judges with creative, humorous, pretty, graphical and poetic interpretations of the Buchheimer. But the decision has been made: „Buch-H-Eimer“ from Herrn Henk Nass! Congratulations on your „BuchHEimer“, complete and in one piece, together with three of Mr Moormann's favourite books.
We would like to thank all the participants!

Going, going, gone!

There's a lot to bid for at Moormann. Right up until the hammer falls. In other words: We are now holding regular auctions for selected Moormann furniture from our 2nd choice stock. Venue for the Moormann auctions with hammer prices is our online market place.

Here we go!

Trim me, win me!

Angular, space-saving and extremely bibliophile – a fitting description for your new housemate? Our Buchheimer is still looking for a new home. We have already received several creative ideas for our competition, but we haven’t committed yet. So get drawing and creating and Buchheimering until 30.11.!

More information on the contest

FNP Kitchen

The FNP kitchen breaks the rules of conventional design patterns. It provides both openness and order and gives the functional kitchen area a degree of homely charm. It can be combined effortlessly with the most diverse kitchen modules whether in the form of a bridge construction or freestanding. All accessories (spice rack, knife board, kitchen reling, wine rack and extension lead) can be mounted in typical FNP fashion without tools.
FNP kitchen

Our chef recommends: Popstahl kitchen modules provide the perfect match for the FNP kitchen both in dimension and colour.

Chip off the old block

Just three months after publication our latest catalogue Vol. 3|2 has already walked off with its first Design prize– 2nd place in the MfG-Award 2014 in the category „simplification“.

Fortunately the boss doesn’t need to hide behind his catalogue: As recently announced, Nils Holger Moormann received the Personality Prize at the German Design Awards 2015. The award will not be officially presented until February 2015. But we’re happy about it today!

You can find the summary of our 200 + 2 design prizes here

Moormann goes green

The district administrator’s office Rosenheim really gave us a grilling. The test covered not only our emissions, power consumption, processing methods and use of resources but also the lifespan of our products, waste management, transport routes, possible health hazards, occupational safety and the introduction of an environmental management system – to name but nine of the criteria. But at the end we had our green commitment in black and white: Nils Holger Moormann is a certified ÖKOPROFIT company 2014.


A Pressed Chair travels the world

Stuttgart in September, an exhibition entitled „material SITZT“. A popular guest – the Pressed Chair. Hamburg in October, iF Design Exhibition. Cutting a good figure – the Pressed Chair. Stopover at the Lodz Design Festival. Perfect fit – the Pressed Chair. At the end of October another flight to Shenzhen to the German Design Spirit. Dazzling red – the Pressed Chair.
Exhibition stations for the Pressed Chair:

Conquer K1

High, low, narrow, broad, open, closed or even as a partition? In light of the design diversity of our K1 sideboard-system you may feel a bit dizzy. But assistance is at hand: After FNP and Egal the K1 configurator now supports you with immediate effect when selecting materials and type.

Weighty distinction

Not set in stone, but cast in concrete and weighing in at 1.8 kg: Nils Holger Moormann was awarded the Werkbund Label 2014. Heartfelt thanks!


Trude has a lot of friends. This may be because she doesn’t just take, she gives as well. She can store bed linen, clothes and personal treasures. When closed she turns into a storage surface or seat. She even flaunts her little secret: One single taut rope provides Trude with support and stability.

New, newer, newest

Firstly white on black, now black on white and with lots of colour photos on the inside – our current volume 3 catalogue has received offspring. The Moormann product directory is now completely up-to-date with the 160 page supplement volume 3|2.

Have a browse

So oder so

This way or that this furniture,
this way or that it’s good.
Life is like the sea,
never-ending low and high tide.
You have to decide,
how you want to live,
that’s all that matters,
and if you suffer,
then don’t complain,
but make a change.

(Adapted from Brigitte Horney)

A good team

There are those who claim that relationships lose that exciting feeling of tension over time. Our relationship to the taut shelf (Gespanntes Regal), however, is still just as marked by that unmistakable arc of tension as ever. And Wolfgang Laubersheimer, who created the shelf with the tightrope act in the early 1980s, still bends over backward for it himself: He produces the taut shelf with his own hands, even leaving his signature on one of the steel shelves as proof.
The taut shelf with its characteristic arched back has already racked up 30 years now. High time to follow suit for once: We bow before the oldest piece of furniture in our collection!

K1 Sideboard

The development of unused storage space continues. K1, the storage system with the distinctive, horizontal slits, has been supplemented with two additional altitudes—the K1 Sideboard 80 and K1 Sideboard 116. Narrow and broad, closed and open elements provide a wide variety of planning options. The front and rear of the system are identical. This means that the strict graphics around the system are retained, which makes the entire K1 system the ideal partition.


Like books on a rack: Buchheimer is in his element in the middle of a crowd of warm-hearted friends. Best to stay away though if you have vertigo. Buchheimer keeps everybody safe on-board thanks to an invisible wall fitting.

Brand new and on show from mid-July onwards in the Moormann Flagship Store Bremen.

Screw loose? Reinvented the wheel? Good money for a good bike?

From today on the Eurobike will be focusing on every facet of cycling. A dedicated cycling fan himself, Nils Holger Moormann again embraced the chance to support the jury in this year's Eurobike Awards.  A total of 476 products were submitted for evaluation - enough to make your head spin. In the end however all jury members agreed: eleven of the 56 distinguished products received the coveted Gold Award.  You can see which products these were for yourself at the trade fair in Friedrichshafen, running until Saturday.

Submission of a bycicle helmet (Photo: Roman Thomas)


If I may: Schwarzmann, wardrobe Schwarzmann. His stature appears somewhat angular, but he is basically a sophisticated lightweight. Weighing less than 19 kilograms he can easily change his position as required. His inner qualities such as generosity and strength should not be overlooked. Take care of him and he will keep his character and remain loyal for a long time.

Brand new and on show for the first time from mid-July onwards in the Moormann Flagship Store in Bremen.

Flexitarian or ingrained vegetarian?

Nils Holger Moormann doesn’t take his vegetarian diet that seriously anymore. Nevertheless the magazine Slowly Veggie from Burda publishing devoted a six page portrait to him in their current issue. We can spare you „The infinite search“– as the headline reads:

Click here to read the article.

New York, Rio... Aschau

The Munich agency We Make Them Wonder transformed our offices and our guesthouse berge into a film set for a day. The result is not only ­– in our opinion – a very beautiful film but also the wonderful side effect that our quiet little Aschau appears in the same series as New York, Rio and Tokyo in the platform Merci, thanks, danke, arigatou!


A multi-coloured meeting

Noelle and Selin weren't impressed with how long the meeting was taking. So without further ado they embellished our dull flip chart, while Mum and Dad inspected the new furniture at Moormann and discussed a number of other issues into the bargain. It's good to know that the up-and-coming graphic designers are already waiting in the wings!


Nils von der Eschenaue

No wonder we love ash so much.  After all the name of our home town Aschau is derived from Eschenaue, which becomes apparent when you cast a glance out of our window. Apart from the regional connection the light finely grained ash wood suits the Moormann material colleagues perfectly.

The Moormann fleet

... for one day!
VW commercial vehicles held their press conference at Moormann. During this time 38 VW transporters encircled the Moormann company premises. 
Such a pity that we didn't get to keep one of them.

Call me

Aschau signals the start of the Almauftrieb (driving cows up the mountain) – ring it in with us! You are cordially invited, if you are longing for mountain pastures, to hold the line in our telephone waiting system. Not only are we next door to the mountain huts but we also greet our callers with a real cow bell.

Photo: Alexander Colibius

The end of an era

It is with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to our beloved company Volvo. During its 30 years of service it fulfilled various functions each year, including vehicle, transporter, sleeping quarters, interview room and in particular everyone's favourite topic of conversation at exhibitions. Even if he appeared a little bit scatter-brained at the end (he left his exhaust lying on the Brenner and a section of his tailgate on the exhibition car park in Milan), he remained loyal to us for the longest time. And now in our company exhibition rooms highly esteemed as a requisite with the most colourful history, we'll let our good, old car begin his well-earned retirement. Thank you, dear Volvo!

Bon Appétit and sweet dreams!

Take one gourmet chef from France and one guesthouse in the Chiemgau Mountains. Invite a handful of hobby chefs for good measure. Mix minimalist design with organic local produce. Spice it all up with fun and an excellent glass of wine. The bedtime treat is your cosy quarters. The Bavarian-French pleasure summit with Patrick Coudert in berge is complete.

Foto: Peter Hinz-Rosin

In a hurry

Good news for all those who want everything done yesterday: Our products can now be delivered even faster to their destination thanks to Express dispatch. If you place your order before 3 pm the goods will leave our store on the next working day. The goods are then delivered to any address in Germany within five to seven working days at the most following receipt of order. You can get more information on our Express delivery service at a Moormann retailer in your area.

The Kampenwand in Munich?

No worries the mountain is going nowhere fast. But our Kampenwand table with matching bench is making a big impression in Kutchiin, the latest “in” bar/restaurant in Munich. Several Kampenwand ensembles await the guests at the restaurant in Balanstraße 73. In line with the restaurant’s CI blue tension cables have replaced the original red.

Copyright: Lanzensberger

Original and Fake

On Wednesday, April 30th, 2014, at 7.00 p.m. the Munic agency "Platform" invites to a debate on the issue of creatorship in art and design.
Along with Nils Holger Moormann will join in: Dr. Florian Mercker, lawyer and expert in copy right, the artists Christian and René Landspersky, the designer Markus Benesch as well as moderator Oliver Herwig.


Is it Christmas time again, already?

We've added one, then two, then three, and finally four different possibilities of illumination to the shelving system "Egal". Purists are pleased with "Wenig", romantics are illuminated by the atmospherically light of "Rosi Lamp" and "La Funsel" dawns a focussed light on the individualists. But now there is a tailored solution for pragmatists: A strip light is fitted to the shelf board of "Egal LED". So the technical components stay unobtrusive, so only the objects inside the shelf board - perhaps the last Christmas present - are presented in brilliancy.

Click berge

This is a delectable click, isn’t it: The visitors of the online platform have voted our guesthouse berge to the Top 10 of the most popular hotels/B&B 2013. Thank you very much!

Aschauhikawa 2014


Aschau in Asahikawa – Nils Holger Moormann is currently evaluating ideas of the Design award IFDA 2014 in Asahikawa, Japan.

Egal for tall ones

As long as our big boss fits inside the shelf board, your television screen should fit easily - our shelving system Egal has become even more variable. The feature "large opening" is building up new open spaces inside the Egal and clears space vor everything which requires more room and attention ...

Pressed Chair is seeing red!

Red has been one of our favorite colours already. And now we’ve got a powerful argument for that. Because Pressed Chair has been awarded with the bright red iF product design award 2014. Thank you very much for the almost perfectly fitting RAL coloured award!

Test Test Test

A well puzzled out special exhibition on the occasion of the MCBW 2014 at MAGAZIN in Munich.
Moormann is facing standards and methods of testing his own way: With self-manufactured test machines the pieces of furniture are put to the touch and tested of suitability for daily use.
It rattles, creaks and whirs at the MAGAZIN store.

22nd February to 1st March 2014
MAGAZIN in Munich, In den 5 Höfen, Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße 11
Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 19 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. - 18 p.m.

design talk with Nils Holger Moormann:
27th February, 7:30 p.m., Magazin München

Nils, Holger and Moormann

Moormann is now available as single pieces. –Well, more like his pieces of furniture: On 160 pages they present themselves in the new photo brochure Vol. 3 and the present themselves as well in their single components ...

La Funsel

Until La Funsel saw the light, it took not only some time and "tinkering", but a lot of prototypes as well. Finally a lamp for (almost) everything has arisen: The beds Siebenschläfer and Tagedieb, tables and finally FNP and Egal can hope for enlightenment now.

Push it into the new year

To the start of the new year, we treated our tables Klopstock and Egon with a system of drawers. Such as the frames of the tables, the drawers are made from untreated ash. And that’s not all:The system can be attached belatedly ... the location of the drawer is arbitrary ... the drawer can be used from both sides of the table ... the drawer can be attached aligned, or across ... and the drawer separation puts it in the right order.Attach it just as the whim takes you. If that’s not a brilliant thing …


All those decisions ...

You’ve already to decide between 12 positions of the legs, three lengths, and four finishes. And now it’s doubled! Klopstock is available as standing height table from now on.

Action please!

„Cut! Too loud! The printer and then the telephone … and please don't step over the corridor now! ...
Aaaaand action! …
Stop, stop, stop! Mr. Moormann you've just been a bit too soon …
We've got it in the box!”

Some of these films with and about Moormann are visible on our website!

Many thanks to all cameramen, cutter, recordists, directors, organizers, chief caracters, supernumeraries … in short: all participants!


Dense, impervious, dark colour with bright reflexes on its edge. Shy bouquet with focusses of wood, nuances of wax and a subtle scent of tobacco. Pleasant copiousness, strong but still reluctant structures, accompanied with restrained, clear piquancy. Sustainable feeder. Storable.

Just, don’t get us wrong: We’re talking of course about astonishing wines which are sold at the vinotheque Il Tiglio in Tiengen, and we’re not talking about our shelving system FNP, which has been arranged tastefully by Seipp Wohnen. Honestly! ;-)

Nils Holland Moormann

Minimato showed itself matching all that cheese on the occasion of the anniversary of our Dutch retailer Just Haasnoot. – Or the cheese matched Minimato?
Somehow or other, we think it was a dignified presentation for a Dutch delicacy.

Long vehicle

We elongated the Klopstock table top. A custom-made table emerged, which can be called “long vehicle” without any doubt, stretching over a length of 4,10m.


1 metal sheet for walls – upright or across
4 boxes made from 4 materials
4 back panels finished in 5 different colours
Adds up to:
A (huge) amount of possibilities to configure your very own Magnetique

Give me five!

The new colours are playing colourful at times in the Moormann collection. The already existing colours are joined by light yellow, ice blue, stone grey, umbra grey and moor green.

dot for Off Office

The Off Office catalogue scored at the red dot jury. He was decorated with the red dot design award 2013!Thank you very much!


Moormann flies the flag!

It’s no real news, that we’re selling FNP, K1 and Pressed Chair. But now we wrote it down on our flags… errr – drawed it!

Roll it!

Adela, Malene, Gitte, Freija & Christinna are studying furniture design at the TEKO Design and Business School in Denmark and had to write an essay about Nils Holger Moormann and his brand philosophy. As it turned out, they did additionally a short movie in a typical Moormann manner. And of course we forgive them the tiny mistake to relocate our company from Aschau to Bremen.


It is true that, caused by sheer repetition, almost everybody is by now bored with the concept of "sustainability", but the the subject nevertheless means a lot to us.
Actually, as far as sutainability is concerned, we believe to be well placed considering our on-site fabrication, the purchase of green electricity, or the use of unprocessed wood.
Within some months we will learn whether our belief is really correct. For Lennart Männle of the Advanced Technical College Rosenheim is about to complete his final paper for his bachelor's degree, which aims at determining the ecological footprint of our furniture.
We are curious about the results and we look forward to seeing in what respect we can still improve.

Mixed Doubles

It is true it looks a little bit like a "goatacow", the Bavarian manifestation of a jackalope, but it fits together excellently:
Guesthouse berge and the furniture company Nils Holger Moormann play an efficient mixed doubles.
Not only that you can virtually live with our furniture on approval, but a visit to both establishments is now being rewarded, too:
As a guest of berge do not miss the chance of reducing your berge bill by visiting the second quality sales shop of our furniture company.

For, if you shop there while staying at berge, we will reduce your berge invoice by 10% of the purchase price of all the articles you bought there.

Reality and Fiction

Friedrich von Borries sets out to do a lot. RLF, “Richtiges Leben im Falschen” is the short, but full-bodied claim of his project, which wants to change the world from August on. RLF is published as book (Suhrkamp), is launched as an exhibition in Berlin (24th -27th August St. Agnes, Alexandrinenstraße 118-121, 10969) with some re-edited design objects (such as adidas, Konstantin Grcic, Enzo Mari or Kostas Murkudis). From October the 17th on, the overworked objects will be on sale at the RLF store (Potsdamer Straße 81E, 10785 Berlin). We are pleased that the FNP is going to be part of RLF and is going to beat capitalism – among some other combatants – at its own game.
'Show you are not afraid' - whoever likes to, can witness the beginning of a world revolution in Berlin from August on.


Dresscode Pink

Antique pink, neon-red-orange, light pink, rose, or plaid red. – Today you’re going to be advised truly colourful by the sales department of Moormann.


It’s not only the furniture!

We can’t only do furniture – we can do something completely different as well.
Many utensils of our guest house berge are available for your home, too. Along with spices of the starred chef of berge Patrick Coudert, there is bedclothes of a little linen weaving mill, or wooden bowls, manufactured in Aschau.
Just have a look…


The shot coloured life of Moormann!

Moormann is now out of the top drawer! Well, almost. Actually we just sell some drawers for FNP. So you can buy them in nine colours, two different heights and you can attach them belatedly.


On the occasion of the summer exhibition of Neue Werkstätten, porcelain meets Moormann.
The summer exhibition shows unique pieces of the porcelain manufacture of Nymphenburg  along with several pieces of furniture of Moormann.
Visible at Neue Werkstätten from June 26th to July 25th 2013, Promenadenplatz 8 in Munich.


"Moormann takes the chair"

… and receives the bill for it. 
Even six awards gets our Moormann brochure vol. 10:
| ED Award 2013 - Finalist | The Type Directors Club 2013 | One Show 2013 Merit Award | New York Festivals - Finalist Certificate | ADC 2013 in Bronze | ADC Europe in Silber
Thank you very much!

A piece of Moormann history

The very reluctant zinc-yellow fair stand from the TDC ‘design annual’ back in 2006 has been sold by auction a couple of years ago. It was bought by smow.
On the occasion of the spring round tour of the galleries at the area of the spinning mill in Leipzig at the beginning of May 2013, smow deployed pure man-power and some cordless screwdrivers to restage yellow Moormann history.

Miss Swiss

She’s only been visible at the guesthouse berge, for a long time. Now she dares to step out into the wide world of lamps and is available as a part of the collection of Moormann: Miss Swiss

Nils Holger in Milano

2013: There is the fair in Milan and Moormann doesn't go there. ...


A table is a table, is a table!
Really? No!
For Klopstock can do what hardly any other table can. A sophisticated click and snap system enables Klopstock's legs to be positioned in 12 different symmetrical (and some more non-symmetrical) arrangements, suitable for any desired position of chairs and table heights. Or just for an arrangement you like best. In case your taste changes, you grow, you move, or you want to use Klopstock in a different way, you simply convert Klopstock once again.
Most probably only Klopstock offers so much individuality and such a great number of uses. Therefore the slogan „a table is a table, is a table“ had better go „one table is many tables“.

La Funsel

One for all!
The new lamp La Funsel loves them all: It’s not only possible to attach it to the two beds Siebenschläfer an Tagedieb, as shown in the pictures, but it also fits with a proper clip to all tables up to a tabletop thickness of 65 mm. One for all – except for your partner in the bed: because of the focused light of the reading lamp he won’t notice anything and can easily fall asleep while you keep on avidly reading the Dumas novel "The Three Musketeers".


Lay down!
You really would like to lie down immediately, abandon yourself to idleness and let it steal your day!
But you shouldn’t oversleep the bed has a lot more to offer as you would expect on first glance.
At first you can assemble it - in old Moormann-style - without any tools and it is just held together with four clamps on each corner – the main design element of the bed. Second the high head board can be attached straight up, or angular, even afterwards.
Additionally and not visible on the picture, but really useful: the mattress support can be adjusted in four different heights. This means, almost every combination of duckboard and mattress matches the bed.

Moormann's Fair Play

Course of the game:
The goal of the game is, that Moormann figures out, whether he is going to take part in the furniture fair in Milan, or not.
At the very start of the game, the player from Aschau rolls the dice and advances after he’s finished with his work further in the direction of Milan. Due to new furniture developments, which have to be finished, the game gets fascinating. The course of the game gets complicated by (not) told information of the opposing player.
The fair rolls the dice and allocates the player from Aschau the same fair stand as last year, on the very edge of the playing field. – Moormann doesn’t play along.

2013: There is the fair in Milan and Moormann doesn't go there.

The last moment

To meet the demands, that are leaning at our shelf FNP, and of course to guarantee they will have an effect on the whole width of the self, we racked our brains again. Accurate quality control is the kingpin of the whole shelf. This might sound very annoying, but it ensures everybody is happy. Right before a shelf board is sent on its journey, we’d rather have a second visual inspection of it and examine it on scarcities. Afterwards it’s of course fondled, bidden farewell, and neatly packed up. Au revoir, perfect shelf board! 


Cream off in the living room league

It is well known, that Aschau is right behind L.A. in coolness, and that everybody has what it takes to become an all-star, this proves our really easy shelf FNP. It doesn’t take gilded editions of Brecht or out of stock records. Whoever wants to arise from all the difficult reading and the bunch of electronic music may put it the sporty way round and utilize our shelf for doing some brain calisthenics. Well, get rid of the basket …
Afterwards it might get really easy to choose the next book.


Well meant „logistic suggestions“ from Moormann, and then this!
The manufacturer “mawa design” re-names the logistic and production facilities after our big boss 

MCBW 2013

In the context of the MCBW 2013 (Munich Creative Business Week) Pressed Chair is exhibited in all over new colours. The special exhibition “mcbw momente” takes place Kongresshalle in Munich, from February 21st to 24th .
( Theresienhöhe 15, 80339 München )



Our guesthouse berge got green!
No, we didn´t painted it new. Rather berge is now a new member of the union 'Bio-Hotels'!
The stuctural conditions were given from the beginning: geothermal energy, green electricity, natural materials an so on.
Now we turned the other things, like food, beverages or cosmetic products, also into bio. It´s bioberge!

At Moormann, and all around

It is not all about fiddling about new furniture stuff in Hohenaschau. The departments get redesigned, the showrooms are made up, the facade gets restored and passed away pieces of furniture are placed in the new “Moormann archive” as well.
If someone may inform oneself about the latest changes at the company one can watch the movies, or can come along in Hohenaschau at our showrooms in person.

What would you like to have?

a FNP, FNP X, FNP Postmeister, or an Egal after all?
Maybe some FNP shelf board in custom width along with it?
Custom height? We’re up for it!
Maybe a different material instead? No problem. …

The Moormann configurator for FNP and Egal, has not only been reworked visually, but it has been equipped with some further tools as well. You’ll find the most important innovations in the movie.
The planning aid is now running on tablet computers without any problems.

"Hey weird metal sheet, how are you?"

Just in time for the imm cologne: the new shelf "Watn Blech ...

The Bremen Town Furniturists

Beside Th Bremen Town Musicians and The Roland, there is a third attraction to gaze at in the future; The first Moormann flagship store. The new business rooms are open since December the 7th. The team of POPO Sitzmöbel und Stehschränke is looking forward for your visit, and so do we!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Maybe we cannot tell it often enough.
We’ve again been decorated with several awards for the brochures, catalogues and the berge-newspaper:
4x the ED Award 2012, 4x the MfG-Award 2012, 1x the D&AD Award 2012 and finally another one of the ADC 2012.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


As time goes by...

Zoll D musst be named as a cross-epochal product. Since nearly 20 years it is part of our portfolio. In the meantime it has survived several trends and even the tube tv. And the story seams to continue ...

and the winner is ...

2.8 kg light, but heavier by one design award. The Pressed Chair. On the occasion of the imm cologne, our chair was decorated with the Interior Innovation Award 2013, which is donated by the Rat für Formgebung.

smow versus Moormann

Our retailer smow maybe thought, that our quadratically logo is sort of impractical. And if it doesn’t fit, use a bigger hammer. So our logo was “beheaded” in some publications. But then Moormann struck back!

There is more than one way to do it!

Special FNP in special height and special width.
Special Egal, shaped semi-circular.
Special Pressed Chair, special colored.

For real? Yes, of course! We’re pleased to realize your special wishes!


flagship store

Captain Moormann is on target for Bremen! Together with “Popo Sitzmöbel und Stehschränke” the first Moormann flagship store is opening up its doors soon.Auf den Häfen  |  28203 Bremen  |  Germany


Moormann App

For apples and androids there is now the Moormann App! It is for free and includes a lot of information for your smartphone and your tablet computer.

Thats what we call CI

Our ex-trainee Benedikt buys his outfits as from now always coordinated to new colours of the “Pressed Chair”.
This time: shoes in “hot mustard”.
Let´s see when he will be dressed in “morning-due-blue”, in “lake-chiemsee-silt” or in “deep-water”.
And will he ever be man enough to wear drama-queen-green?

The new colour concept is developed by Susanne Schwenger, Creative Director Marc O’Polo Women.

1 year, 192 pages

3 pages of the (non)sense of the brochure.
56 pages of the daily madness at the Moormann company.
56 pages about a piece of a metal sheet, that wanted to become a chair.
76 pages of furniture, which already everybody knows.
1 page of things which somehow had to be part of the brochure.

adding up to:
192 pages Moormann brochure about a turbulent year at the Moormann company.

8,- Euro  |  ISBN 978-3-87439-740-7
(please order via the booktrade)

All good things come in threes

For the guesthouse-berge-newspaper, which we provide our guests and all interested people, we were prized three times!We were honoured at the ADC Award 2012, were nominated for the MfG Award and were voted under the finalists at the ED Award!

Many thanks for that!

The well fitting table

The Table for the FNP shelf is perfect in one thing: It really fits perfectly the FNP shelf. To fit this perfect, we gave the table the best fitting materials and fitted of course the grooves to the table so it fits to the rails of the shelf.
Great, right?


They are both uptight.
But just for structural stability: Paul & Paula


There is more than one way to do it!

Special FNP in special height and special width.
Special Egal, shaped semi-circular.
Special Pressed Chair, special colored.

For real? Yes, of course! We’re pleased to realize your special wishes

How it all began

A bizarre thought… first woozily sketches… wonky paper models…
The way to the final repetition part sometimes leads the long way round. But this could be as interesting as the finished piece of furniture.
Moormann rummages the very back corners and the depths of the archive ...


Nothing is too heavy for the chair!

The Pressed Chair even withstands a traditional dressed bulky Bavarian! So the Oktoberfest can easily start out.
A great thank-you goes out to our friend Christoph Böninger, boss of the collection Auerberg, and the designer Martin and Thomas Poschauko for this very special drawing.

Moor steel

What you want is what you get. It’s quite easy with Moorless.
Several different colored boxes made from steel can be attached using magnetic foil, so you can arrange them the most beautiful and practical way. In the end there will be a side table with loads of storage space for any sort of books and magazines.
And you’ll get more on top of it. A round shaped table top adds a lot more space if required.

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Moormann congratulates intraform on a magenta colored anniversary!
To their fiftieth (5ZIG) we really worked flat out. The Zipfred was converted to one of a kind …
Our workshop for prototypes – now magenta colored – will remind us of the action for a long time.


EN-NORMously tested

Fellerer – 8:30 – rain – 325 kg on the seat – perfect stability of the chair – Pressed Chair.Stopover in lower Aschau – it’s raining – 45 kg on the back rest (200.000 times) – still in shape – Pressed Chair.Higher Aschau – blazing sun – the rubber base fits perfectly – Pressed Chair.

Pressed Chair – your chair is protected every time, all-weather proof.

FNP davenport

One FNP talking to another:

"Think outside the box!"

I want, I want, I want ... to be in the office!

We were unable to keep our furniture back from going to work.
Actually – there was nothing to be said against it.
You will find the result of that trip on these 92 pages.

Just before Milan...

31st January 2012 at 16.53:
"We’ll get our usual 35 square metres anyway."
"And what if we don’t?"
"First of all we need a concept. Brainstorming!"
"What new furniture are we going to show?"
"New? What do you mean new?"
"The classics have to make an appearance! .... maybe just the old pieces?"

1st March 2012 at 9.32:
"The stand allocation has arrived! ... 70 square metres!"
"Oh God!"
"So what’ll we do now?"
"Everybody has to have at least one idea by tomorrow!"
"When will the new pieces be ready?"
"It’s urgent!"


A vision in white

The FNP bookshelf dresses up to the nines – throughout in white. From now on FNP is available in bicolor white with white edges!

The Hell of Aschau: The Movie

Finally it has arrived! The film of the hell of Aschau!

All hell broke loose on the 8th of October at Moormann!
3 motorized Bookinists, 200 invited guests an one challenger. 20 courageous racing teams fearlessly lined up to fight for victory! There have been dangerous stunts, uncounted crashes with bales of straw and all that took place at a temperature of only 5°C and rain and snow! Everybody tried to win! Absolutely everybody! All hell broke loose…

The Movie
The Hell of Aschau



The furniture catalogue Vol. 3 has now gained the 8th award! At least we’re very happy and proud about the “Gute Gestaltung 2012” prize of the DDC (German Designer Club).Thanks a lot!


Castle Hohenaschau?

Castle Herrenchiemsee? Castle Neuschwanstein? No!
This is a Renault Twingo. And don’t tell you’ve known this before!
Our big boss has been invited, along with three other well known persons to re-design the interior of a brand new Renault Twingo individually, and show it at an exhibition in Bilbao. According to the famous wagon-lit, the French sleeping cars, he transformed the tiny car to a wagon-lire, the reading car. You can turn the back-rest of the bench from driving position to reading position. Along with this feature you’ll find everything you’d need for a nice reading journey: Book shelf, news rack, tiny davenport, literature encyclopedia, and most important, a little chimney! May the next traffic jam last long!

Vol. 3 gets dotted

The actual furniture catalogue of Moormann is now wearing a petticoat! Errrr…. Hang on. No! The book has recently been awarded for „editorial“ with the red dot communication award 2011!
Thank you very much!

You are spoilt for choice

A new material is available for FNP: the well-tried MDF can now be delivered with an edge. One side of the shelf board is white, the other one is anthracite edged.
Thus, you do not only have the choice between the two colours, you can also combine them in one rack. The only thing that remains to be done for you is to come to a decision...


What a service! Actually we just wanted to call your attention to our Newsletter, informing you about the latest news of Moormann. From now on you can subscribe to it on the left side on our website. Now we really take the biscuit!



Two „new classics“

Even two items of our collection have been decorated as “new classics”. The cupboard system K1 and the shelf Else.
Europes biggest housing magazine “Schöner Wohnen” honours authoritative pieces of furniture and housing accessoirs of the 21. Century with this award.
Thank you very much!

Golden yellow

citrus yellow, honey yellow, sunny yellow, saffron yellow, sulfur yellow, bright yellow…But most of all we are very happy about “D&AD Yellow”. Strictly speaking about the very rare design award “Yellow Pencil”, which has been bestowed to our Moormann brochure 2010!

Moormann has shrinked.

No, not this Moormann. He is still quite tall -192 cm to be precise.
Just the Moormann catalogue did shrink. This sort of Moormann is now available in a small size version.
Besides some pictures it additionally contains a few numbers, letters and drawings…

Oh, well, yeah…

Niels? No. Nisl! No, come on. Isn’t he called Nils? Are you really sure? Well, perhaps Niles is correct. And what about the Holier? Hogler, or just Holger? Absolutely no idea. I’m perplexed. What was the name of the company again? Niles Hogler Motorman, right? Well this appears on the new flags on the outside of the headquarter, or something like that. I just don’t know!

5 for 2

2 brochures – well, precisely 1 catalogue and 1 brochure – 2 different design awards – ADC and European Design Awards – 3 decorations – 1 for the MoBro 2010 and even 2 for the catalogue Vol. 3 – but in 2 different colors … well, at least 3 awards then – and as if 3 awards are not sufficient, the brochure additionally gets 1 honour and 1 nomination – 3 at the end – all in all adding up to 5.

To start afresh:
1x ADC in silver and
1x ED Award in gold for the catalogue Vol. 3
1x ADC honour and
1x D&AD-Pencil nomination and
1x ED Award in gold for the MoBro 2010

Thank you very much for the 4 awards and 1 honour!

Dwarf Vader

There are constantly these new pieces of furniture! And now a very small one has wangled his way through all hindrances, and he even made it this far, he is now part of the collection. Though he is just made from a few wooden sticks and a piece of aluminium! The tiny thing has furthermore quite a weird name: Minimato! But please form your opinion about the new dwarf from Moormann.


New, newer, newest!
Newly, just before Milan the latest news.
...puh ha, and now just hang out!


We see twice

Now it’s official: Not only the table Egon, but also our new catalogue Vol. 3 have been decorated with the iF design awards in gold! We are really happy and pleased about the two decorations.



Maybe this is a miracle, or pure logistic genius that this box arrived at the headquarter marked with this sticker.
Somehow we’ve always been aware that our big boss is quite into motoring business...

Come on in!

After the logistics moved completely, the empty spaces at the headquarter are filling up again. The second quality choice” is already almost about to be entirely nearly finished! Every single Friday the doors open for you. Since you want to visit us the other days of the week, please feel free to arrange an appointment.

Two are better than more

The Type Directors Club ennobled two of our printmedia. Both, the Moormann-Broshure 2010 and the Catalogue Vol. 3, won the award. We are happy twice and say many many thanks thanks..

Moormann imprints

The new Moormann Catalogue already arrived and is now ready to order. It contains absolutely everything, which you´ve ever wanted to know about Moormann. And since you´re not flicking the pages stunned, we took care that it´s a real looker in your bookshelf.


Our new Moormann brochure "Moormann in simple terms" gets an iF communication award 2010 and the Good Design Award 2010.
We are very glad about it. Thank you so much for the honour!

Awarded twice

Dear Egon,

now that you've been decorated with the iF product design award and the Good Design Award 2010, we want to congratulate you warmly. All of us really do celebrate with you and it's a pleasure to represent you on our “wall of fame”.

Yours, the Moormen


Dear Joseph Binder!

I am very proud in spite, or just because of the “einfache Verhältnisse” being decorated with your golden award!
Lovingly cut out with the nail scissor, and carefully written on the old typewriter, I try to show insights and an overall view. I´d never thought of facing such golden times. Thank you very much.

The Moormann brochure 2010


The Moormann website can now also be enjoyed as iPhone optimized version...

Moormann in simple terms

Every two years Mr. Moormann publishes a brochure presenting very little of his furniture. Good move. His consistent inspiration with new ideas is partly fuelled by our even crazier graphic designers. The sometimes sober text can also be ascribed to them.
We wish you good insights.

Grand move-in

The relocation of our logistics comes to an dignified end.
Furniture, packaging, pallets and high racks finally moved out of the narrowness of the Festhalle. 3.5 km from here they celebrate their grand move-in in Rosenheimerstrasse 33-35!  


Kampenwand dressed up!

With a classy brunette  oak or reddish  beech table top, with refined trestles in stainless steel,  tensed up as usual, this time with finest black Vectran rope.

Mamma mia Maria!

Maria, the good soul oft the company, shows very little respect for design-icons. Every Tuesday the hand-signed Sottsass sculpture in the corridor has to serve a very practical purpose and is visibly squirming under this affront.

It was about time!

For the first time we ventured to design a stand at a fair for a company other than our own. Nomos Glashütte, the watch-manufacturer, plucked up the courage to entrust us with the task and - as we believe - had no reason to regret having done so. The strong contrast between the rough material used for the stand and the delicate watches showed the art of watch-making off to its best advantage.
Many thanks for the marvellous cooperation!




The legendary Rover P6 hit the headlines before at times of Ron Arad’s Rover Chair. Now the P6 JP pays homage to that readymade design classic...

FNP Configurator

FNP shelf system -it's possible to plan online

Have fun!

EGAL-configurator does your self-made EGAL sketch look like? Plan your EGAL step by step now online with the Egal Configurator!

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