Nils Holger Moormann

Who we are

"Nils Holger Moormann is like his furniture, his furniture is like him: ascetic, intelligent, humorous and stubborn. Whoever buys it, soon realizes it’s like inviting a wayward child into the home, one whose devotion needs first to be earned. But it will last a lifetime." Welt am Sonntag

The Moormann Team

What we do

In our workshops in Aschau im Chiemgau furniture is created that at the first glance – and indeed at the second one – are somehow different to other furniture. This might well be because each step in the process evinces a certain self-deprecation and that for Nils Holger Moormann the ideas of corollary and simplicity are especially important. So, too, is the feeling that each object comes from the same stable exhibits a genuine authenticity. Due to its reduced and functional aesthetics, along with a precise choice of materials, furniture by Moormann is there to accompany you your whole life long. And if you ever move home you will learn just how easy the pieces are to dismantle and reassemble, their high degree of modularity dispenses by and large any need for tools.


What we make

The path a piece of Moormann furniture takes is a long one and starts with a good helping of enthusiasm for the product and its design. Inventiveness occurs because we rely as a rule on young designer talent (Herr Moormann himself maybe counted among them) and in house creative department. During the process we seek to connect sensibility, realisable aims and ecological aspects. In order to ensure the highest quality yet go easy on our resources, and to be able to react quickly to demands, we farm out much of our production to experience manufacturing partners. These workshops are all within a radius of 40 km around us. And it is in these regional centres of excellence that we find such a variety of specialist knowledge that lies between traditional handicraft techniques and modern manufacturing technology.

Our external designers
Gästehaus berge

Where our furniture comes from

There are those who believe that they only understood what Moormann is all about after they made their first visit. The “where” we are is Aschau im Chiemgau, and it is here in the “Festhalle” that a permanently changing exhibition may be found. Here, too, is Moormann Logistik, where every component is scrutinised by old hands and young ones too before it makes its way in the world. Quality remains the watchword, and we use the smallest possible packaging, before the transport stage. Finally, we must mention Moormann’s own guesthouse. Nowhere may be better seen the firm’s philosophy about reduced design and how compositional space is broken up. Here we sit, and here we work, between the Chiemsee and a rugged mountain world, in the middle of a Bavarian Baroque tradition.

Our berge guesthouse
Nils Holger Moormann Logo

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