Pressed Chair new colours

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Seiltänzer assembly clip

Four slender steel legs ensure that the table is stably balanced. Which is, of course, not the real work of art. In fact it is the tense rope that makes the Seiltänzer march to a different drum.

Nils Holger Moormann

Furniture designer und entrepreneur talks with Sabine Reeh for the ARD Alpha Forum.

Now he’s stacking up as well!

First it was the Tagedieb among his bed colleagues, who made a reputation for himself as the speedy assembler of his individual parts. Now he has literally topped that: the Tagedieb stacking bed. On top of each other, beside each other, under one another - what’s your preference?


London pays Bavaria a visit – Dezeen accompanied Nils Holger Moormann and the other curators and participants at the blickfang design workshop 2015 in Aschau. Their impressions, captured in moving pictures, can now be viewed.

And action...

This time it's all about a chest called Trude. Gripping from the cables to the rails.

Test Test Test

Exhibition at MCBW 2014
A well puzzled out special exhibition on the occasion of the MCBW 2014 at MAGAZIN in Munich.
Moormann is facing standards and methods of testing his own way: With self-manufactured test machines the pieces of furniture are put to the touch and tested of suitability for daily use.
It rattles, creaks and whirs at the MAGAZIN store in Munich.

Nils Holger in Milano

2013: There is the fair in Milan and Moormann doesn't go there. ...

Walden on tour

On the occasion of the IMM 2007 the garden object Walden went on a long journey. In front of Stylepark it found its place for one week in all weathers.

gestalten tv

Portrait about Nils Holger Moormann and the guesthouse berge made by gestalten tv, 2009.


More than 100 years of any wind and weather haven’t passed our company building, an old masonry from 1904, by without a trace. Little by little, not only our accommodations have been “prettied up”, but the façade has been rebuilt to its original condition. Restoring the ornamental paintings around the windows started in 2012.

New York, Rio... Aschau

The Munich agency We Make Them Wonder transformed our offices and our guesthouse berge into a film set for a day. The result is not only ­– in our opinion – a very beautiful film but also the wonderful side effect that our quiet little Aschau appears in the same series as New York, Rio and Tokyo in the platform Merci, thanks, danke, arigatou!


The Hell of Aschau

On 8th October the peaceful, tranquil Hohenaschau, headquarters of Nils Holger Moormann GmbH, was transformed into Hell! Three Bookinists, rattling engines, 200 guests and a challenger! 20 daring racing teams fearlessly battled it out with one clear goal…to oust Moormann from his practically guaranteed throne. Daring stunts, numerous collisions with the hay bales at an icy temperature of 5° with sleet! They all wanted victory! All of them! It was Hell! ...

Renault Twingo "Wagon-Lire"

Nils Holger Moormann has been invited, along with three other well known persons to re-design the interior of a brand new Renault Twingo individually, and show it at an exhibition in Bilbao. According to the famous wagon-lit, the French sleeping cars, he transformed the tiny car to a wagon-lire, the reading car. You can turn the back-rest of the bench from driving position to reading position. Along with this feature you’ll find everything you’d need for a nice reading journey: Book shelf, news rack, tiny davenport, literature encyclopedia, and most important, a little chimney! May the next traffic jam last long!

Sales department

Six Spanoto Tales have been exchanged to a working island for 9 luminaries and 8 people. The custom planned work space is a combination of Egal and Lader. Our accountancy is equipped with a similar work space.

Product archive

Back in the days our second choice pieces of furniture decorated the attic. After a long time of planning, clearing, arranging, assembling and placing in, it was all done… Now some over-sized FNP shelves are archiving prototypes, material samples and real treasures of furniture from the past.


6 side panels, 30 shelf boards, 12 rails and one tightening set. - One FNP.

Nils Holger Moormann Logo

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