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The Siebenschläfer is an interconnecting piece of furniture from the bed family. Its individual components can be assembled easily and as quick as a flash into a cosy resting place. Its reduced metal-free construction means it can be found in bedrooms outside the European zone. Its resting period lasts from January to December.

Design Christoffer Martens | 2007
Material FU (birch plywood)
External sizes Mattress size + 12.6 cm
Height 36.5 | 74.0 cm (incl. headboard)
Width mattress 90 | 120 | 140 | 160 | 180 | 200 cm
Length mattress 200 | 220 cm
Height between mattress support and upper edge frame 11.5 cm
Technical details Central support plank for beds wider than 140 cm.
Awards | Internationaler Designpreis Baden-Württemberg 2008, Focus Green in Silber
| Deutscher Designer Club ‚Gute Gestaltung 2009‘
| Nominierung zum Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2010
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