Tagedieb stacking bed

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Now he’s stacking up as well!
First it was the Tagedieb among his bed colleagues, who made a reputation for himself as the speedy assembler of his individual parts. Now he has literally topped that: the Tagedieb stacking bed.
On top of each other, beside each other, under one another - what’s your preference?

Design Carmen Buttjer | 2016
Material FU (birch plywood)
Material clamps Steel powder coated
Material mattress support Solid untreated
Height 21.0 cm (incl. clamps: 21.5 cm)
Width 94.7 | 104.7 cm
Length 204.7 cm
Width mattress 90 | 100 cm
Length mattress 200 cm
Height between mattress support and upper edge frame 8 cm | Max. height bed base incl. mattress: 17.5 cm
Technical details Tagedieb and Tagedieb stackable bed cannot be combined.
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