The bed might be called Tagedieb, but it won’t steal any days. In fact it is really tame, it doesn’t even have any sort of screws. It is attached very easily with four clamps at each corners, coated with colours which are adapted to the bed. To provide it fits individually the mattress, the mattress support can be attached in four different heights. It’s really flexible at the high head board. Mounted straight up, or angular, it will do both just as well. Good night!

Design Carmen Buttjer | 2013
Material FU (birch plywood)
Material clamps Steel powder coated
Material mattress support Aluminium
Height 40.6 | 81.5 cm (incl. headboard)
Width Mattress width + 4.7 cm
Depth 204.7 cm | 207.8 cm (straight headboard) | 213.4 cm (angular headboard)
Width mattress 90 | 120 | 140 | 160 | 180 | 200 cm
Length mattress 200 | 220 cm
Height between mattress support and upper edge frame 8.7 to 16.6 cm
Technical details Central support plank for beds wider than 140 cm.
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