‘Walden. Or, Life in the woods’ is the name of a story from the American writer and philosopher Henry David Thoreau, written in the mid 19th century, which describes his life and his relationship with nature. The concept of simple life infl uenced the garden-project from Nils Holger Moormann, which invites one to live outdoors. Determined garden-owners are able to store various tools such as shovel, rake and wheelbarrow in this ‘wooden box’ of unusual proportions. Easy goers have to decide whether to take a seat at the table in the seating cabin, or climb a ladder to the upper level. There it’s possible to enjoy the view or to stretch out and guess cloud shapes or count stars under the sliding sun roof. The obligation of a campfi re is created in a swinging fi re cauldron, and right beside it, the necessary space for firewood. As a whole, ‘Walden’ offers lots of room for things we associate with ‘garden’ and ‘outdoors’ and honours them with a layout, in which they can be seen: birdhouse and bird seed, fl ower pot and water can, grill utensils and picnic table. Actually, you’ll never want to go back in the house.

Design Nils Holger Moormann | 2006
Material Larch untreated
Sizes H 386.0 | W 110.0 | D 650.0 cm
Awards | Der Deutsche Preis für 3-Dimensionalität ‚Die Goldene Flamme 2007‘ Gewinner,Kategorie: Erlebniswelt - temporäre Architektur
| 2. Rosenheimer Holzbaupreis, Anerkennung der Fachjury, 2008
| Nominierung zum Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2009
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