Is there still room in your tub? For two sides and a rear wall. We have to leave the screws outside as Schrankone is only attached to magnets. A simple, magnetic principle, which retains its steadfast position, no matter how many elements you link together. By the way, Schrankone is just as suitable as a room divider as with its back against the wall. And even adapts to the inner values of your needs: Shelves, clothes rails or drawers organise your mountains of clothes or files. Simply a true keeper.

Design Nils Holger Moormann | 2018
Material FU (birch plywood) | fittings: stainless steel
Material tub Steel powder-coated
Height 215.1 cm
Width Basic: 58.1 | extension: 58.1 cm
Depth 58.1 cm
Compartment heights 32.0 cm
Important device You can extend the width of Schrankone at will. You will need two bases, a linking frame and two shelves to extend each element respectively. Additional shelves, clothes rails, and drawer elements are optional.
Download Sedcard (PDF)
planing aid (PDF)
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