Kant Sekretär

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This desk is characterised by its distinctive edge. Books, files and a number of other items can be stored in the kink of the table top, so that the work top itself remains clearly arranged. So much „information“ on the desk would defi nitely please namesake Immanuel. Kant, with a working depth of 70 cm (total depth 105 cm), is the organisational wizard of the family. Kant Sekretär on the other hand is tailored in dimensions and proportions to the living area.

Material table top FU (birch plywood) with laminate surface
Material legs Solid maple
Height 74.0 cm
Width 120.0 | 140.0 cm
Depth 85.5 cm | work area 55.0 cm
Awards | Internationaler Designpreis Baden-Württemberg 2003, Focus Balance in Silber
| Lucky Strike junior award 2003 der Raymond Loewy Stiftung
| Good Design Award 2003, The Chicago Athenæum
| Nominierung zum Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2004
| The International Design Yearbook 2004
| Deutscher Designer Club ‚Gute Gestaltung‘ Auszeichnung in Bronze 2005
| iF design award 2005
| Nominierung zum Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2006
| „Neuer Klassiker - die ersten 100 des 21. Jahrhunderts“, Schöner Wohnen 2005
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