A table is a table is a table? No! The Klopstock table can do something that hardly any other table can do. A sophisticated click-snap system makes it possible to attach the Klopstock legs in twelve different positions - depending on the desired table height and chair arrangement. Or simply however you prefer it. And if tastes change or you move house, it can be easily converted. In the case of Klopstock it would be more fitting to say: One table is many tables.

Design Daniel Kern | 2013
Material table top Melamin resin white or anthracite | laminate silk matt white or dark grey | linoleum black or grey
table top core chipboard
Material edge ash untreated
Material legs Ash untreated
Height Seating height: 74.0 - 79.0 cm
Width 160.0 | 190.0 | 220.0 cm
Depth 90.0 cm
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