Paul & Paula

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Paul and Paula - they feel most comfortable as a couple. And if you have a heart, you’ll take both of them home with you. Paul in black arranged precisely beside Paula in grey or both relaxed around the corner. Or Paula in black, half-shaded by her big brother - they always make a good impression with their reversible table tops. But even standing alone they can effortlessly win you over thanks to their uncomplicated nature.

Design Matthias Ferwagner | 2012
Material table top Both sides can be used, linoleum black / grey
table top core chipboard
Material edge Ash untreated
Material legs Stainless steel
Sizes Paul: H 27.0 | W 70.0 | D 30.0 cm / Paula: H 18.5 | W 60.0 | D 40.0 cm
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