Simply produce furniture, you say? Not really our thing. We are in search of furniture creations based on a special idea. Sometimes absurd, sometimes brilliant, sometimes a detail, sometimes a revolution. You have to search for a long time and continue to put on the last finishing touches until everything is right. But sometimes it’s all worth it. Because we fall in love with the result. And then we look for people who understand that. Who understand us.

Moormann furniture consists of the sum of its details.

When was the last time you lay under your bed, stood in the wardrobe or turned your chair upside down? That’s exactly what we do during the development stage until we are completely satisfied. Good prerequisites for turning something into a favorite.

The good is so close, they say. True, we find. 

That is why our furniture is produced within a radius of 40 kilometers around our headquarters in Chiemgau. It was originally thought only selfish. It was important to us that our ideas and designs quickly come into the right hands. Real specialists who not only speak our language, but who even understand us without many words.

One thing is clear: furniture is a life companion.

That’s why they should definitely have a good character. You must not be bored, but not annoying, especially not when building. They have to be reliable, but they also have to bring a little humor and new ideas. We like it when things have their own mind and have all the exciting features that you want to tell your friends about. Just like a new partner.