Campus Garching

Meck Architekten have added a new canteen building at the Munich technical university campus. Our furniture had the honour of being the first guests – even if only temporarily.

Timber Prototype House

Birds of a feather flock together. That’s what Hoffmann und Löffler Creativeinrichtungen from Jena thought and included several of our products as furniture in the Timber Prototype House at the IBA Thüringen. Just like our furniture, the experimental building is based on natural materials and is produced in a combination of traditional workmanship and modern production technology.

Max Bläulich

Max uses either a brush or words in his designs, whatever way the muse kisses him. If inspiration is taking its time to make an appearance, he takes care of his books in the antiquarian bookshop in the meantime. His FNP shelf helps him to think laterally and leaves him enough leeway for all kinds of new additions. Thanks to the interior concept from, ideas, books and visitors feel equally welcome.

Analog Concept Store

Analog is the new Bio, according to Erik Spiekermann. Therefore he has created a location at Potsdamer Strasse 100 in Berlin that entices you to linger with a range of selected art and graphic art books, magazines and hand-printed posters. The tables and shelves are produced fresh and regionally in Bavaria.
The store is open from Tuesday until Saturday, 12:00 to 19.00 respectively
Geöffnet ist von Dienstag bis Samstag, jeweils 12 bis 19.00 Uhr




Christiane and Alex Gamper need shelves in their shop that provide a lot of storage space, but appear filigree and at the same time divide the room. Not possible? A clear case for FNP.

Konzepthalle 6

If you want to bring design, culture, co-working and gastronomy together at one location, you have to look for furniture that can do that little bit more than others. Shelves, which follow the curved lines of a bar, for example. With the Konzepthalle 6 in Thun in mind, the planning team at searched in our portfolio and found just what they were looking for.


Stiftung Nantesbuch

The Nantesbuch Foundation is a place for special encounters with nature and art. In the case of the employees at Bad Heilbrunn it is also a place for daily encounters with our furniture. The existing revenue office building that was redesigned by the architect Florian Nagler was furnished from the cellar to the attic with FNP, Lader, Klopstock and Co.



Lots of new products, not much space. Something Nils Holger Moormann is all too familiar with after years of experience at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. So without further ado he designed a trade fair stand for Nomos that accommodates the maximum number of exhibits and visitors in the smallest of spaces.


Maerz München

We always knew it. Our FNP shelf system with its numerous, practical helpers can also be used in shop fitting. Maerz Muenchen was captivated by our passion for natural materials and regional production. Since then FNP proudly wears the finest Merino in Maerz shops.


Our Gästehaus berge offers 17 individually designed quarters for self caterers. A location brimming over with reduced design, intelligent detailed solutions, unusual perspectives and inspiring serenity. Can’t get much more Moormann than that.

BVG Immobilien



Craig Kammeyer manufactures and distributes the unique Moormann-Edition of the T6 camping bus with his company CustomBus. Goes without saying that we gave his workshop and offices the typical Moormann once-over.


Rewe digital

Does your creativity increase in a yellow environment? And do chairs in the CI colours have an effect on your identification with the employer? Questions that Rewe digital can possibly answer for us. In the Open Space Office in the Carlswerkhallen in Cologne you can sit on a motley mix of Pressed Chairs in various customized colours.

Kutchiin München

‚Purer is better’ is the slogan behind Holger Strombergs‘ cuisine. He seats the guests in his Munich restaurant Kutchiin on pure wooden benches from our collection, but pampers them all the same with seat covers and cables in customized colours, the cherry on the cake as it were.