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With a minimum use of materials, Buchstabler can store a maximum amount of paperbacks and DVDs. Each level accommodates approximately 25 books in a space-saving and clearly arranged system. When it is fully loaded the revolving piece is almost invisible and lets the books take centre stage. Depending on individual use, Buchstabler can grow from the height of a side table with two tiers to a book tower with seven tiers. The customary ball bearings have been replaced in the Buchstabler by hand-sorted glass marbles.

Design Tom Fischer | 2004
Material FU (birch plywood)
Material base Concrete casting white-grey
Height 56.5 | 80.0 | 103.5 | 127.0 | 150.5 | 174.0 cm
Width 34.0 cm
Depth 34.0 cm
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