Egal is a shelf system with variable heights and variable widths of the compartments. The compartments with four different heights can be stacked and rearranged as desired. It does not matter where you put the sides, you may assemble and modify Egal after installation just as you please. The basis of the Egal-system is a base which is in four different widths available. In addition the system offers shift compartments and sliding doors in many different colors.

Design Axel Kufus | 2001
Material MDF | FU (birch plywood)
Height variable
Width 116.8 | 174.4 | 232.0 | 289.6 cm
Depth 36.5 cm
Compartment heights 10.7 | 16.8 | 22.9 | 35.0 cm
Awards | Good Design Award 2002, The Chicago Athenæum
| iF product design award 2003
| Nominierung zum Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2004
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