FNP X is a thinner version of the basic FNP shelf system. The shelf depth is 21 cm. It only took a few minor changes in the existing structure to create new compartments to accomodate smaller books and CDs

A lot of content, little shelf. Side panels and shelf boards are stabilised solely in conjunction with aluminium rails, which place the transparency of the design in the foreground. The simple and intelligent design makes it possible to adapt the FNP shelf system to nearly all room situations. It can be extended and altered even at a later date.

FNP shelf system versions:
FNP X - FNP with smaller compartments (in height, width, depth)
FNP X12 - FNP X of material thickness 12 mm
FNP Archive - FNP with doubled depth, accessable of both sides, freestanding

Design Axel Kufus | 1997
Material MDF 16 mm | FU (birch plywood) 12 mm
Height 103.2 | 223.0 | 259.6 | 299.0 (FU) | 332.8 cm (MDF, Bicolor)
Width variable
Depth 21.0 cm
Awards | iF product design award 2001
Compartment heights X 4.2 | 10.3 | 16.4 | 22.5 | 28.6 | 34.7 cm
Compartment heights X12 4.6 | 10.7 | 16.8 | 22.9 | 29.0 | 35.1 cm
Compartment width X 23.2 | 48.0 cm
Compartment width X12 23.6 | 48.4 cm
Download Sedcard (PDF)
planing aid (PDF)
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