So oder So

This way or that this furniture,
this way or that it’s good.
Life is like the sea,
never-ending low and high tide.
You have to decide,
how you want to live,
that’s all that matters,
and if you suffer,
then don’t complain,
but make a change.

(Adapted from Brigitte Horney)

Design Daniel Kern | 2014
Material profile, back, side panel Steel powder coated anthracite
Material shelf board Steel powder coated anthracite | MDF, ash untreated veneered
Material cross brace Steel powder coated anthracite | ash untreated | walnut oiled
Material bookend Ash untreated
Height 92.0 | 214.5 | 296.0 cm
Width variable
Depth 32.0 cm
Compartment heights 11.3 | 24.9 | 38.5 | 52.1 cm
Compartment widths 33.7 | 80.3 cm
Download Sedcard (PDF)
planing aid (PDF)
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