Inserted, not screwed, the Zoll D proves itself as a versatile quick-change artist. Boxes are inserted into the grooves of the aluminium drawers. The next drawer rests on these. In this way the Zoll D grows in height tier for tier and can be used as sideboard, bookshelf or shoe rack. The modules can also be converted and extended flexibly at any time, even at a later stage.

Design Lukas Buol, Marco Zünd | 1993
Material Aluminium silver anodized
Height variable
Width 99.0 | 143.0 | 160.0 | 190.0 cm
Depth 33.0 cm
Compartment heights 22.0 | 33.0 cm
Awards | Auszeichnung für höchste Designqualität, Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, Design-Innovationen ‘94
| Deutscher Designer Club, Auszeichnung in Silber 1994
| Auszeichnung für gutes Design ‚Die Besten der Branche‘, iF Hannover 1995
| 1. Preis, Designpreis Schweiz 1995
| Bundespreis Produktdesign 1996
| md Auswahl ‚Die besten 200 für das Jahr 2000‘
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