Trude has a lot of friends. This may be because she doesn’t just take, she gives as well. She can store bed linen, clothes and personal treasures. When closed she turns into a storage surface or seat. She even flaunts her little secret: One single taut rope provides Trude with support and stability.

Design Nils Holger Moormann | 2014
Material FU (birch plywood)
Material stick Ash untreated
Sizes Small Trude (inside):
H 37 (ca 29.5) | W 55 (ca 47.5) | D 37 (ca 29.0) cm
Large Trude (inside):
H 45 (ca 37.5) | W 105 (ca 97.5) | D 45 (ca 37.5) cm
Super Trude (inside):
H 45 (ca 37.5) | B 155 (2x ca 69.5) | T 45 (ca 37.5)cm
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