A table with tension moment. Delivered flat, the Spanoto leg pair is assembled by being braced on the underside of the table panel. Its position is arbitrary. The 9 mm thin birch plywood panel combines filigree lightness with a high level of stability and resilience. The Spanoto legs are available for side table, sitting and standing table heights.

Design Jakob Gebert | 1997
Material table top FU (birch plywood)
Material legs FU (birch plywood) oiled or black
Height 45.0 | 74.0 | 111.0 cm
Width 86.0 | 160.0 | 190.0 | 220.0 cm
Depth 86.0 cm
Awards | Design for Europe 1996 3 x 1. Preis, Kortrijk/Belgien
| Auszeichnung für gutes Design ‚Top Ten‘, iF Hannover 1997
| Auszeichnung für hohe Designqualität, Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, Design-Innovationen ‘97
| Anerkennung ‚commercial success‘ Internationaler Designpreis des Landes Baden-Württemberg 1997
| Bundespreis Produktdesign 1998
| interior innovation award cologne 2004 ,Best of the Best‘ Kategorie: Best System
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