Various lengths of wooden pole are loosely inserted into square cast poured concrete base. Pin Coat provides space for casually shed clothes as well as for hangars, which are hung on the hook-like formed pole ends. Children’s coats as well as longer coats can be hung on the various rod lengths. Use of the coat rack can be extended using poles with different functions: as an umbrella stand Pin Brolly, a guidance system Pin Flag or light Pin Light.

Design Oliver Bahr | 2002
Material stick Ash untreated | walnut oiled
Material base Concrete casting white-grey
Sizes base H 6.0 | W 29.5 / 39.3 | D 29.5 / 39.3 cm
Sizes rods L 90 / 130 / 170 | W 2.5 | D 2.5 cm
Awards | international furniture designfair assahikawa, 2002
| The International Design Yearbook 2004
| Deutscher Designer Club ‚Gute Gestaltung‘ Auszeichnung in Bronze 2005
| Good Design Award 2004, The Chicago Athenæum
| iF product design award 2005
| Nominierung zum Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2006
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